We need your enthusiasm and skills!!!


Rushmoor Voluntary Services have been through difficult times providing our communities and Partners with support during the recent Covid Pandemic.

More new challenges and tasks are presenting themselves as we move into a period of adjustment and hopefully  a return to the “normality” that was pre Covid.

To succeed in this we have had  the support and encouragement of our Board of Trustees.

Could you be one of those special people who provide the vision and guidance to RVS by joining them?

Additionally we need to find a replacement for our current “Trustee with financial responsibilities” ,who is retiring from the Board after many years of valuable service to RVS.

What is trusteeship and what is a trustee?

The concept of trusteeship has evolved over many centuries and broadly means that a donor gives or settles property on the trustees for the benefit of a third party.

This basic concept is still valid today. Charity trustees are people who are entrusted to look after money (or other resources such as land or property) given to a charity by a person or group of people.

As a charity trustee, you must ensure that these resources are used effectively to achieve the particular purpose for which they were given (e.g. money donated by the public to cure heart disease should be spent on this area of work).

Trustees act within charities that generally have a formal structure, a set of rules and often delegate many day-to-day tasks to staff or volunteers. This structure will vary depending on your charity and will affect your responsibilities and eligibility as a trustee.

Could you be that special person?

Foe an initial discussion please contact our Chairperson  Colin Slatter

Further information about Trustees click below:

Trustee – Treasurer Role Description