Corporate Volunteering

What can Corporate Volunteers do?

We have a range of charitable organisations across the Rushmoor area who, at times, could benefit from teams of volunteers. The volunteer centre aims to match groups of employees with such organisations. This type of volunteering can give employees the opportunity to learn new skills, build cross-functional teams and have some fun!  Volunteering as a team can make a real difference to voluntary groups with limited funds and resources. Examples could be: 

  • Painting/Decorating
  • Gardening/Landscaping
  • Conservation
  • Day Trip or Christmas/Summer Party

An example of successful corporate days can be seen here

Corporate volunteering can bring skills such as marketing, website construction, CV writing, interviewing techniques, finance etc. to Organisations with limited resources flourish. Employees from local companies can share their business skills with voluntary groups through one-off tasks.


For Businesses:  Demonstrates a company’s commitment to playing an active part in the local community and to building a more prosperous, healthy and safe community for all who live and work there:

  • Development of new skills eg leadership, project management, teamwork
  • Increased staff morale and motivation
  • Improved staff recruitment and retention
  • Raised profile and recognition of community investment
  • Improved customer and employee loyalty
  • Creation of new business opportunities

For Voluntary Organisations: Can make a real difference to voluntary organisations by helping them to accomplish tasks which they do not have the resources to achieve ie:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved facilities or services
  • Acquiring new business skills
  • Raising local awareness of the work done by voluntary groups
  • Recruitment of regular volunteers and Trustees
  • Building long-term relationships with local companies