Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Rushmoor Voluntary Services have member organisations?

Rushmoor Voluntary Services is a Council for Voluntary Services (CVS). All CVSs are constituted to be membership organisations. A key role of each CVS is to represent the views of the voluntary and community sector at district and county level, and sometimes at regional or national level. We consult with our member organisations to ensure that their individual and collective voices and views are heard. We are also asked by external agencies to consult with our membership in order to influence policies and initiatives, as it is widely recognised that the “Third Sector” plays an important role in community engagement and community cohesion.

Do you charge for your services?

Membership is free and we do not charge for our development services or volunteering services.

Our chargeable services are:

Dial Ride.

Home Help.

Community Transport (Mini Buses).

Training Courses.

Our Blooming Marvellous supported volunteer project provides a once off gardening service for people unable to manage their own garden. The service is free – donations are accepted.

Which organisations can be members of Rushmoor Voluntary Services?

Any voluntary/community organisation that has been set up as a not-for-profit organisation, or in the case of social enterprises, where profits are re-invested for public benefit, and is benefiting or involving Rushmoor residents. The voluntary and community sector is diverse, but includes the following types of organisation:

  • registered charities
  • faith organisations
  • amateur sports clubs
  • housing associations
  • community interest companies/social enterprises
  • special interest groups, clubs and societies
  • health support groups and user-led organisations

If you are not sure if you organisation is eligible for membership, please contact us for more information.

How does my organisation become a member?

Please contact Heather Chalkley on, she will send you the membership registration form. Once your registration has been received and notified to our Board of Trustees, you will automatically receive regular copies of our newsletter and invitations to meetings and events.

I/we are not eligible for membership, but would still like to receive your updates.

No problem, we can add your contact information to our circulation lists for newsletters, press releases, event information etc.


and request to join our mailing list.

Can you send information/news to more than one contact per organisation?

Yes we can. Please let us have contact information for any members of your organisation – preferably e-mail contact information to help us keep costs down. If there is a member of your group who deals specifically with fundraising or with volunteer recruitment for example, do let us have this information as well, so that we can send targeted information to them.

How often do you send information out?

We try not to bombard you with information! We send out one newsletter per member organisation three times a year , quarterly invitations to our Voluntary Sector Forum by e-mail or letter, and invitations to training and other events as required. We will also send out details of funding or networking opportunities, but try to target these e-mails.

Do you share our personal information with third parties?

We do not pass personal contact information to any third party without prior consent, particularly as many of our members operate from home addresses or are working with vulnerable clients. We do share information about the services of our membership via our web directories and will only include home telephone numbers or personal e-mail addresses, where we have prior permission to do so.

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