Recruiting Volunteers in Rushmoor

Do you need help to recruit new volunteers for your organisation?  

Rushmoor Voluntary Services is passionate about volunteering and the positive impact that volunteers have in Rushmoor. We are here to help our members with volunteer recruitment and help your organisation to thrive. We provide a volunteer brokerage service through the Volunteer North Hampshire website to help you find volunteers. We can also help you with all aspects of volunteer best practice. 


Volunteer North Hampshire Website – free promotion of your volunteering roles!


The Volunteer North Hampshire website is dedicated to advertising volunteering opportunities across Rushmoor, Hart and Basingstoke. Rushmoor Voluntary Services manages the roles in Rushmoor and on our borders. Our counterparts at Hart Voluntary Action and Basingstoke Voluntary Action manage the roles in their areas. You can advertise your volunteering roles on the website for free. 

If you haven’t previously used the website, please Click Here to complete an organisation registration form.

If you would like to advertise a role on the website, please Click Here to complete an opportunity form.

When you have completed the opportunity form, please email a copy of the role profile to Nicola Norman:   If you don’t have a role profile, just let us know and we can help you write one.

Once the role is live on the website, members of the public will be able to see it and enquire about any roles they are interested in. We will send any enquiries on the website from potential volunteers so that you can liaise directly with them.  

Once the role is live on the website, we ask that you: 

  • Inform us about any changes to contact details or updates to the role. ​ 
  • Inform us if you have filled the role so that we can make it inactive.​ 
  • Respond as quickly as possible to any potential volunteers we refer.​ 
  • Update us with any progress with the volunteers such as interviews and placements. ​ 
  • Take full responsibility for the vetting and selection of potential volunteers​. 
  • Provide an induction, training and on-going support for your volunteers.

Get Volunteering

All the roles on the Volunteer North Hampshire website automatically get promoted on its sister website Get Volunteering which advertises volunteering opportunities across the UK. Potential volunteers put in their postcode so that local roles appear.  


Additional Promotion in Rushmoor

  • Events – we can promote your volunteering opportunities at local events such as Volunteering Fairs, Job Fairs, Fresher Fairs and at talks we give about volunteering.
  • Social Media – we can share your posts about volunteer recruitment on our social media as well as promoting any volunteering recruitment events that you are organising.  


Access to our Responder Volunteer Team

Our team of RVS responder volunteers is available to our members to help with bitesize (one-off) community events and activities in Rushmoor. Examples include summer fetes, sports events, fetes, music festivals, art events, conservation days, Christmas events, litter picks and cultural activities. 

We send the bitesize opportunities out to our responders via email and on our responder newsletter. Our responders then pick and choose the opportunities that interest them and suit their availability. We welcome your feedback after the event.  

If you would like to use our lovely team for one of your events, we ask you to: 

  • Complete this Online Form which includes confirmation that the RVS Responders will come under your insurance for the event or activity.
  • Follow volunteer best practice. For example: provide equipment and clothing if required, create volunteer badges, provide a volunteer briefing at the start and have someone as a point of contact throughout the event.  


Trustee Recruitment

 Rushmoor Voluntary Services run Let’s Talk Trustees workshops to encourage local people to consider a local trustee or school governor role and we run a Trustee recruitment campaign during Trustees’ Week every November. 

Getting on Board run free regular online events and webinars through its Trustee Learning Programme to help with your recruitment. They also have 2 useful guides – How to Recruit Trustees for your Charity and how to Diversity Your Charity’s Board. 

For charitable bodies | Getting on Board 


Volunteer Recruitment Best Practice

 To get started with Best Practice in volunteer recruitment, it is important to consider the following: 

  • Creating a volunteer strategy​ 
  • Reviewing legal considerations​ 
  • Checking your insurance cover​ 
  • Checking if a DBS is required​. 
  • Ensuring that your policies such as safeguarding, code of conduct, health & safety, GDPR and equal & diversity are up-to-date 
  • Creating a role profile 
  • Making sure your application and interview processes are accessible and fair 
  • Reducing barriers to volunteers, for example by offering expenses 
  • Creating a volunteer handbook​ 
  • Providing an induction  
  • Delivering training​ 
  • Undertaking on-going support​ 


Please contact us if you would like more information about any of these topics.  


NCVO has an excellent section on their website about recruiting volunteers including volunteers & the law, planning for volunteers, welcoming volunteers, managing volunteers and much more. 

Involving volunteers | NCVO 


Coming Soon

 Our Volunteer Best Practice toolkits will soon be available on this website – watch this space! 


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