Information about Donations in Support of the Crisis in the Ukraine

Details on how how to donate, both in terms of finance and or practical means, will be updated here

Red Cross teams in bordering countries including Poland, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania have been supporting people on arrival in each country. They are distributing food and basic aid items and providing medical and psychosocial support for people arriving from Ukraine. They have given shelter to people in temporary accommodation centres and are supporting people to travel on to other areas.

People have been incredibly generous in donating clothes, medication etc. At this time, however, the Red Cross has emphasised their request for financial support rather than goods. Across Europe, people have been incredibly responsive and have delivered truck loads of much needed items. This now has to be sorted and the deliveries need to be co-ordinated with areas citing specific needs. It is reported that this not only costs money to achieve but is also distracting humanitarian response from activity on the ground. The Red Cross and other organisations are asking for financial donations so that they can spot purchase equipment and goods which are needed in specific areas.

Global Sanctuary Foundation – Supporting New Arrivals from Ukraine

To donate digitally so that goods are matched directly with families in need, visit –

The Disasters Emergency Committee

A network of 15 UK overseas aid charities, including the British Red Cross – have launched an appeal to provide food, water and medical assistance to people arriving in countries bordering Ukraine such as Poland, Moldova and Hungary Donations can be made via

Other organisations receiving donations include:

The British Red Cross  https:-//

Médecins Sans Frontières –

Save the Children –  

UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) –