Information Pages for Organisations Planning to or coming out of the lock-down Period

Volunteering safely

Even if you’ve adapted to operating during a global pandemic, or if it is now somewhat normal for your project, group or organisation, the situation and conditions of involving volunteers remain in a state of frequent change and development. In this section we pull together information, advice, resources and guidance that will be useful in establishing a safe, secure and supportive environment for new or existing volunteering programmes. We can do lots of our previous work and also rise to new challenges safely, it just requires a little planning and team work.

It is also important that fears around Covid-19 don’t undo good work to make volunteering inclusive and accessible. Blanket bans on groups considered vulnerable will only serve to reinforce discrimination and therefore we advocate a focus on mitigate and managing risk and working with volunteers as individuals and responding to what they feel comfortable with.


If you are looking for online training, Volunteering Scotland has also produced a comprehensive new  module – Keeping Volunteers Safe: Restarting your Volunteer Programme

Keep up to date with official local and national guidance:

Be sure to regularly check and take guidance on health, safety and wellbeing from the recognised channels and authorities:

Central Government (UK) – C19 Advice pages

NHS England -C19 Advice pages

Rushmoor Borough Council C19 Advice pages

Further topics and information can be found here.


This page was created from information provided by Volunteer Centre Manchester