Good News Page — Working together


There are occasions when the needs and aspirations of  different sets of people come together to improve the situations of others more vulnerable.

Rushmoor Rotary club, have for many years, collected wheelchairs, walkers, zimmer frames and other mobility aids that are no longer needed . These are stored at some re purposed containers and when they are full the Rotarian’s load them into a shipping container which is then sent to South Africa. Rotarian groups in Africa then refurbish all the items and distribute them to people who do not have access to mobility aids.

Because of the restrictions brought about by the Covid pandemic Rotary weren’t able to carry out the loading despite the storage containers being full.

27 Regiment at Travers Barracks Aldershot are currently raising funds for the Army Benevolent Fund with various activities. One of these is by getting donations for volunteering carried out in the community.

Both of these groups co incidentally contacted Rushmoor Voluntary Services to seek assistance.

RVS brought both parties together and also provided a minibus to transport the Army Group on the agreed day.

The images below show the day’s activities leading to a very full shipping container departing on its journey to South Africa.