Young People as potential volunteers

Involving young people in the work and activities of your organisation as potential volunteers

One possible source of enthusiastic volunteers is to consider 16 to 20 year olds.

Benefits for your organisation

Young people can bring a fresh perspective, energy, enthusiasm and new ideas. They can champion your work among their peers, teachers, parents and the wider community:

  • Young volunteers can advise you how to involve and recruit other young people and undertake peer recruitment by word-of-mouth or using social media.
  • Young people can advise on how to keep your organisation up-to-date with new media and improve your profile with younger audiences.
  • Young volunteers can be very committed and develop a long-term connection with your organisation by staying on or returning to volunteer or supporting your organisation in other ways.

They can be a great chance for your organisation to raise its profile; local media love stories about young people being involved in positive activities.

Benefits for young volunteers

  • Employers value volunteering experience highly. Although evidence of the impact of volunteering on employment rates is mixed, young people perceive volunteering as enhancing their employability.
  • Timebank found that 84% of employers agreed that volunteering helps people find work. Over 70% of employers believed that those who volunteer have a better chance of earning a higher salary and gain promotion.
  • The Morgan Inquiry into youth volunteering found that employers value the experience for the improved communication skills, leadership, teamwork, self-confidence and initiative gained from volunteering.

However, there are a significant number of employers who recognise volunteering as valuable only if it relates directly to the position being applied for.

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