Example of Corporate Volunteering August 2019

A local part of a multi national company, Murata, took part in a renovation scheme for Starburst in Aldershot. From the images a good time was had by all.

Murata MakeOver Mob in Action News


In August, two teams of MEE-UK employees each spent a day helping to renovate The Musical Theatre Academy in Aldershot.

The Academy offers activities for children, including disadvantaged children from difficult backgrounds who would not normally have the opportunity of taking part in the Arts – dancing, singing and acting.

The space will be open 7 days a week and offer a range of musical theatre workshops to various ages, and dedicated classes for adults and families alike.

The organiser from Murata said:

I want to thank all participants for their time and effort with these Charity Days.

Although it was hard work I think everyone enjoyed themselves and found it a positive and satisfying way to spend a day!!

Starburst certainly appreciated our help and will include Murata on a plaque and TV in the entrance hall, and maybe some pictures or posters around the building”