Keep Well Stay Connected



You may remember that Captain Sir Tom Moore raised almost £33 Million for NHS Charities in 2020.

Rushmoor Voluntary Services and Rushmoor Borough Council were awarded some of these funds by the NHS charities for a new project which connects you with your friends/family and the local community via your television.

The project has been ‘live’ since July 2021 and Rushmoor residents have been participating regularly (some residents are joining in every day) and getting to know each other, seeing their family on the big screen and accessing virtual live classes for learning and exercise opportunities.

 There is still the opportunity to participate in this project and have a ‘Keep Well Stay Connected’ box installed at no cost to yourself. You will be able to access gentle exercise classes, participate in bingo and quizzes, even learn how to play an instrument, all through a ‘channel’ on your television. You will also be able to link in with local organisations directly via the box. Everything is controlled by a very simple remote control.

The pilot project covers the cost of the box, subscription and Wifi connection (if needed) for up to one year.

If the box isn’t suitable for you or you aren’t using it, we will remove it, still at no cost to you.

To qualify for the free pilot project, you need to be aged over 65 and have a TV set less than 15 years old.

 Please have a look at the leaflet below and call RVS on 01252 398451 and we can discuss and arrange to have a box connected. Although we need to come to your house to connect the box, this will always be by appointment, no one will visit you unexpectedly. The ‘installer’ will have full PPE and keep socially distant at all times.

 Rushmoor Voluntary Services and Rushmoor Borough Council hope you will want to be part of this exciting project and make the legacy of Captain Sir Tom Moore a part of Rushmoor history.

 Click here to view the Keep well Stay Connected leaflet