Disclosure and Barring Service checks for Rushmoor Voluntary Services Members

If you would like to make use of this service please read the guidelines below:

DBS CHECKS FOR Rushmoor Voluntary Services Members

We can support our member organisations to have DBS checks carried out for their staff and volunteers. We have agreed a procedure with Rushmoor Borough Council to facilitate checks where eligible. The agreed steps are:

  1. The member organisation will have a role profile for each volunteer/member of staff that may need a check.
  1. Rushmoor Voluntary Services can provide templates or check through the role profile to ensure it has enough information to enable an eligibility criteria check to be carried out. If necessary they will suggest adding more information. Contact
  1. Rushmoor Voluntary Services will ask the volunteer/member of staff to phone Rushmoor Borough Council to carry out a criteria eligibility check. They will need the role profile to answer the questions. Call Rushmoor Borough Council and ask for the HR department on 01252 398484
  1. Rushmoor Borough Council will advise the volunteer/member of staff if the role meets the eligibility criteria.
  1. Where eligible, Rushmoor Borough Council will:
    1. Advise the volunteer/member of staff what level of check can be carried out.
    2. Make an appointment with the volunteer/member of staff, so identity documents can be checked, privacy statement and application form can be submitted.
    3. Inform RVS the volunteer/member of staff are eligible.
  1. Rushmoor Voluntary Services will provide the volunteer/member with the application form, privacy document and declaration forms.
  1. If they do not meet the eligibility criteria, Rushmoor Borough Council will:
    1. Signpost to DBS Helpline.
    2. Advise that the individual volunteer/member of staff can apply for their own Basic DBS check on line, at their own cost.
  1. The cost of carrying out the DBS check will be charged by Rushmoor Borough Council to Rushmoor Voluntary Services.
  1. Rushmoor Voluntary Services will send an invoice to the member organisation. In this way the admin fee is kept to a minimum as Rushmoor Borough Council receive a steady flow of DBS checks each month.
  1. Costs

                              Volunteer DBS          £20 (including VAT + £2 admin fee for RVS)

                              Member of staff       Standard check – £43 (including VAT + £2 admin fee for RVS)

                              Enhanced check – £60 (including VAT + £2 admin fee for RVS)