Coronavirus – Volunteer Application Form

Rushmoor Voluntary Services (RVS) is working with Rushmoor Borough Council (RBC) to co-ordinate Operation Rushmoor Community Action (ORCA), the local response to the Coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. This is your chance to become an ORCA Responder, joining the growing team of other volunteers who have responded to the need to support our community during these unprecedented times.



Whilst other opportunities are available, our greatest need right now is volunteers to support the vaccination stations – the V Team – offering reassurance and guidance to people coming for their covid-19 vaccination. Please be aware that joining the V Team does not mean that you will receive the vaccination any sooner than you would do otherwise.

Thank you for the tremendous response to our call for support. We are signing people up as quickly as possible, however it may take up to a week. The vaccination programme will be running over several months – we are in a marathon not a sprint. We appreciate your patience.


To join the V Team or to sign up as a volunteer ORCA Responder complete the form below.


By completing and submitting this form you are agreeing to your details being stored on our database and also being forwarded to Organisations who require assistance.

The page will scroll down as you complete it.